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    Xiaomi next smartphone could have a corner selfie camera


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    Xiaomi has recently just launched Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha which is Xiaomi’s best concept smartphone. Now, Xiaomi has filed a patent on its next upcoming smartphone. According to TigerMobiles, Xiaomi could be developing its next smartphone which could feature a front facing selfie camera in the corner of the display.


    From the leaked image above, the design looks like the current Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. However, camera placement is flipped 90-degrees as shown in the image above. Additionally, the selfie cameras are placed at both corners of the display. This seems kind of weird. Eventually, users might be interested in this selfie camera placement design.

    Is Xiaomi developing another affordable smartphone? We have to wait to find out more information on it.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    I am a tech entrepreneur who is hungry for tech updates.

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