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    Xiaomi executive confirms Mi Mix 4 not launching this year


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    Back in a week ago, Xiaomi unveils new products for its customers. Three products which Xiaomi unveil is Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi Mix Alpha and its new TV set. Most of its fans were expecting Xiaomi to unveil the Mi Mix 4. Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not unveil the Mi Mix 4 yet. Today we have confirmation from Xiaomi’s brand promotion manager saying that Xiaomi is not launching Mi Mix 4 this year.

    Even before Xiaomi launches its new products lineup, a few leaksters started to post a few photos which represent the Mi Mix 4. They strongly told that Xiaomi will unveil Mi Mix 4 along with Mi Mix Alpha. Fans who are disappointed started to asking questions about the Mi Mix 4 to the Xiaomi executives.

    In order to clear the air, the Xiaomi brand promotion manager answers the fans questions in Weibo. He confirms that there will only be two smartphones which are the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Besides these two products, MIUI 11 and TV is their final product launch of the year.

    If it’s not launching this year then when could Xiaomi launch it? Our guess would be next year. Worst case there wouldn’t be any Mi Mix 4 series. Let’s wait for the official confirmation next year from Xiaomi.

    Source GSMArena

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