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    Xiaomi Smart Glasses is a hundred times better than Google Glass


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    Today, Xiaomi unveils its first-ever smart glass called the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. Smart glasses are not something new to us. Back in 2013, Google unveils its smart glass technology as well. We were jaw dropped by the futuristic announcement from Google. However, later on, Google had to scrap the Google Glass due to some issues. Check out the video below to see the features of Google Glass.

    Then, now comes another futuristic smart glass from Xiaomi. First of all, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses is a hundred times better than the Google Glass. The main reason is the sleek design. It doesn’t look too filmy. It looks more realistic. The second reason is the features. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a lot of features. According to TheVerge, this smart glass does not need a constant phone connection at all.

    The Xiaomi Smart Glasses even has a MicroLED display in it. The display size is just 0.13″ only. According to Xiaomi, it is roughly the size of a grain of rice only. Imagine with such a small display, it has a peak brightness of 2 million nits. Yet, it still does not affect your eyes and it will provide you with a larger display for your eyes to see.

    Check out the video below to know more about Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

    Under the hood, it runs on a quad-core Arm processor with a 5MP camera. Using the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, you can use them for navigation, live translation, notifications display as well as making phone calls. Xiaomi even says there are chances that this device could replace your smartphone.

    Overall, Xiaomi spokesperson told TheVerge that this smart glass will not be launching anytime soon. This is just a concept product that Xiaomi could consider as a consumer product in the near future.

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