Wholesale Investor Launches CRIISP™ AI-Driven Investor-to-Founder Matchmaking Feature

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Release highlights:

  • Wholesale Investor (WI) proudly launches a new AI-driven matchmaking feature on its capital raising and venture investment platform, CRIISP™ (Capital Raising Intelligent Investment Platform).
  • The feature utilises deep machine learning to connect discerning investors with relevant investment opportunities based on their past usage and behaviour.
  • Combined with the other capabilities of CRIISP™, the AI matchmaking feature significantly reduces inefficiencies that investors commonly experience when sourcing deal flow whilst ensuring founders are placed in front of more relevant investors.
  • The launch is part of a series of new releases that will redefine and streamline quality founder-investor engagements.

SYDNEY, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wholesale Investor, a leading global venture investment platform, announced today the release of its powerful AI-driven matchmaking feature, available to all users with a CRIISP™ account.

Testament to its established industry leadership, WI is one of the first companies worldwide to utilise this technology in the venture capital space. The company has designed it to benefit investors by providing relevant deal flow and founders by promoting and connecting them with investors.

WI has seamlessly built the matchmaking feature into the CRIISP™ software, which provides access to emerging growth companies and private opportunities for its network of over 32,000 investors, nurturing investor-to-founder activity with intuitive dashboards and analytics, and powerful communication tools.

Utilising historical and current data, CRIISP™ strategically provides high-net-worth professional investors and industry players with relevant recommendations in the areas that matter most to them. Investors receive a unique and consistent deal flow tailored to their investment preferences every time and get insights into trending opportunities.

For companies raising capital, the AI matchmaking feature helps provide visibility to relevant investors, maximising their chances of attracting smart money whilst helping them avoid time and money-wasting discussions.

WI is directly answering the market’s needs with this new feature, cognisant of extensive research done by companies like Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT). In an article published in March 2021, Gartner, Inc. shared that more than 75% of venture capital and early-stage investor executive reviews will be informed using AI and data analytics by 2025.

According to Wholesale Investor’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Steve Torso, “The launch of our AI-Driven Matchmaking Engine on CRIISP™ is an exciting and significant milestone for Wholesale Investor and the venture capital ecosystem.

For over 13 years, we’ve witnessed first-hand how fragmented and inefficient traditional processes are in this space. That’s why we built CRIISP™, to streamline the process for investors, helping them discover opportunities relevant to their personal preferences and interests. We move the industry deal sourcing strategy from the old-world ‘who you know’ approach to an AI-driven platform providing matching suggestions based on relevance and deep learning. 

The more you enable relevant connections to take place, the greater the opportunity for investors to meaningfully participate in companies of interest. For example, an investor with a career spanning 20 years and who has built a solid network can add substantial value to innovative growth companies – this is where the value of an investor goes beyond just the capital! That is where transformational introductions can happen.”

Mr. Torso adds, “This release is just the first of many future developments we have planned for the platform. By leveraging new technologies, we will continue to create exponential opportunities for founders, investors, and the broader network.”

More CRIISP™ updates will be coming in the last quarter of 2021 and early next year to further redefine and streamline the engagements of founders and investors.

WI invites investors who want to take advantage of the future-ready capabilities of CRIISP™ to create a free account here: https://app.criisp.io/register

For companies raising capital, please get in touch with WI here:

About Wholesale Investor

Wholesale Investor is a global leading investment platform that connects innovative and emerging companies looking to raise capital with an active, engaged, and growing ecosystem.

The company has a solid track record of 13 years, with seven unicorns and over 63 exits. It actively connects 32,000+ investors with 410+ investment opportunities.

For more information, please visit https://wholesaleinvestor.com.au/

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