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    Malaysian Users Can Now Access The Whatsapp Communities

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    Back in April, WhatsApp announced its intention to add a new feature known as Communities to the app. For those who are unfamiliar, Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring separate groups together under one umbrella with a structure that works for them. 

    Previously, this feature was only tested among a small group of people and now, it will be rolled out to all users. According to Meta, Malaysia would be the first country to receive this feature and Malaysian users are getting early access ahead of the global launch. 

    So how does this work exactly?

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    Essentially, the Communities feature lets you organize your group chats better. You can put together several related groups on one page so that every chat you have is not cluttered. For instance, you can create a community linked to education, the workplace or humanitarian works. Then it can be joined by different groups related to it. 

    People can then receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organise smaller discussion groups on topics that are important to them. Communities will also include powerful new admin tools, such as announcement messages sent to everyone and control over which groups can be included.

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    This feature would be super helpful especially if you are a student with multiple groups including subjects or assignments or if you are a leader in a project requiring you to constantly track your team’s progress. Now, you don’t have to spend your time scrolling and searching for chats to keep up with everything. 

    The WhatsApp Communities feature can be accessed by Malaysian starting today.

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