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    What to expect at WWDC 2019

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    The day has finally arrived. In less than 20 hours, Apple will be kicking off its 2019 WorldWide Developer Conference at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Every year, during this event, Apple will be announcing its new version of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. During the 2018 WWDC, Apple mainly focuses on the performance of its previous generation devices such as the iPhone 6. This round, Apple might be focussing more into power saving features.

    iOS 13

    Back when Apple launches the iOS 7 in 2013, it changes the whole new design on its software. Later on, Apple made minor changes to the software without changing the whole design. This year also we can expect the same to the iOS 13. The most confirmed feature we can expect would be the Dark Mode for iOS 13.

    Dark Mode is a feature where every tech companies are implementing it to their applications. Basically, it switches the normal white interface to a black interface which protects the eyes from being damaged. Last year, Apple has already added the Dark Mode feature on its macOS 10.14 Mojave. According to 9to5Mac, the user can turn on this feature via the Settings app or via the shortcut button in the Control Center.

    Image from 9to5Mac

    Other than that, Bloomberg also reports that Apple iOS 13 which codenamed “Yukon” will also be focussing on animations for its multitasking and closing apps. There could be minor changes to the Apple widgets to give a cleaner look to the widgets panel. We also can expect a new swipe-based keyboard to the iOS 13. It will allow the users to swipe across the letters in the keyboard to type the word. There is already an app called SwiftKey which has a similar keyboard swiping feature. Apple could add this feature as an internal app.

    Previously, there is a rumor that Apple might combine both the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into a single new app. The name is not reveal yet but according to Bloomberg, internally its called “GreenTorch”. Honestly, we personally feel this both app is actually redundant. This is because, both apps are doing the same actions which is locating a person or a device. Two month ago, Mashable reported that Apple is working to launch its own tracking dongle which will track any of your items including your car keys by attaching a dongle as a key chain.

    Apple is building its own version of Tile, according to a new report.
    Image from Mashable

    That’s the overall feature of iOS 13 we can expect from today’s event.

    macOS 10.15

    First of all, we can confirm Apple will be sticking on the scenic location names for the macOS 10.15. Next as expected, Apple might be killing off iTunes from the macOS by introducing the standalone Apple Music app for the macOS. Apart from that, Apple also will be introducing the Apple TV app to the macOS too. Another app Apple could launch for the macOS is the new Podcasts app.

    Next Apple is focusing is to bring the iPad apps to the macOS. During the last year WWDC, Apple has already announced its plan to bring iPad application to the Mac. The main goal is to allow the developer to migrate their iPad apps to the Mac without rewriting their applications from scratch again. According to Mashable, Microsoft tried the same strategy a few years ago by introducing Universal Windows Apps. However, its strategy didn’t work out as expected. Could Apple strategy fail too? We have to wait and find out today.

    watchOS 6

    Promisingly, Apple Watch is the #1 smartwatch used by people in the world. If you get on the subway train, you can easily notice almost 50% of the passengers wear the Apple Watch on their wrist. We can expect the next watchOS 6 to include its own App Store. Until today, Apple Watch apps can only be found on the iOS App Store. Now, Bloomberg confirms this rumor. This makes the watch more independent. Users don’t have have to open their iPhone to download apps for their Apple Watch.

    Key Speakers At The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)
    Image from Bloomberg

    Personally, the next feature is the one we have been waiting to use it for a long time. Apple could launch the calculator app for the watchOS 6. It would really easy to make calculation on the watch rather than taking the iPhone to do the calculations. Moreover, we also can expect Apple to introduce two new health apps for watchOS 6. The first one is called Cycles. It is an app to track the female menstrual cycle. The other app is called Dose. This is like a reminder app which reminds the user to take their medicine. Last but not least, Apple might announce a new watch faces for the Apple Watch.

    In conclusion, these are all the features we are expecting Apple to announce during today’s event. We will be covering the live updates on our page. Stay tune today at 1.00 a.m MYT for the event to commence.

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