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Vivo X60 Pro Review: The last Snapdragon processor on a Pro phone.

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A few months ago, Vivo launches the Vivo X60 Pro in Malaysia. The moment, this phone was launched, the hype was high for the design and as well for its gimbal camera. Vivo Malaysia has given us the opportunity to review the Vivo X60 Pro. In this post, I will share my complete review after using the Vivo X60 Pro for almost a month.

First of all, let’s recap the specs of the Vivo X60 Pro. Upfront the Vivo X60 Pro comes with a 6.56″ Super AMOLED display. The best part is, it even has a 120Hz screen refresh rate. It is quite impressive to see Vivo adding a 120Hz refresh rate for its phone. For security-wise, Vivo provides multiple security options to unlock the Vivo X60 Pro via its, Funtouch OS 11. One of them is the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Looking at the camera department, Vivo X60 Pro features a triple camera setup. First, it has a 48MP wide gimbal camera. Secondly, it has a 13MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Finally, it even comes with a 13MP ultrawide camera to capture some good outdoor photos. Over at the front, it has a 32MP wide camera for selfie lovers. Using the ultrawide camera, you can even take macro shots.

Under the hood, it runs on the Snapdragon 870 5G processor. This is the last X series Pro phone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. For storage wise, this phone comes with a 256GB UFS3.1 storage option included with 12GB of RAM. To make sure the Vivo X60 Pro is completely lag-free, it even comes with extended RAM technology. Using this feature, I was able to extend the RAM size up to 3GB additional. Battery wise, it has a 4,200mAh battery which could last all day depending on the usage.

Design: Premium quality design

Well.. well.. well, to be honest, I really like the design of the Vivo X60 Pro. The main reason is because of the satin finishing being used on the rear surface of the X60 Pro. I really feel so good holding it. Another thing to note in this phone is, the rear surface is completely thumbprint resistant. This means I don’t need to worry about having multiple thumbprints on the back of the phone. Since the weight is just 177g, it feels so light while holding the phone. I was able to use the device for a long period of time scrolling through my Instagram feeds on this gigantic phone. Even the rear camera housing design looks really nice.

However, sometimes I am kinda afraid that I might drop this phone while using it because of the thickness. The solution for it is to use the clear phone case, which comes in the box itself. After many times complaining about the phone casing, finally, Vivo has managed to use a better phone case instead of the previous jelly case. I really had a hard time previously on other Vivo smartphones.

Camera: Always the best night photography

The first camera feature, I would like to share with you guys is on the gimbal camera. Back when Vivo introduces Vivo X50 Pro, the gimbal stabilization software was really good. But, with the gimbal stabilization 2.0 software, videos are super stable now. First of all, we all should thank Zeiss for partnering with Vivo on the camera department. The new Zeiss effects are really good, especially the Zeiss Biotar effect. I have never tried the Zeiss camera before. This was the first time trying this effect on a smartphone.

I tried taking a few shots using both the rear and front camera. The rear cameras are really exceeding my expectation. Especially during the night, I tried taking photos in a super low-light environment. I was able to view the surroundings using the Vivo X60 Pro. The same goes for the front selfie camera as well. Night mode selfies are too good. It even reduces noise reduction in a low-light environment. You can watch my full review video below to view the sample photos taken using the Vivo X60 Pro.

Video recording-wise, I was able to shoot a stable video using 4K at 60fps. However, if I enable the ultra-stable mode, then I was only able to record video at 1080 at 60fps. Probably, if Vivo improves this feature, it would be really useful. Probably, one flaw I can see in the video recording is the autofocus feature which seems to be not working 100%.

Performance: The last Snadragon processor on the Vivo X series Pro smartphone

As mentioned, Vivo X60 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 870 5G processor. Performance-wise, the Vivo X60 Pro is totally impressive. I was able to do multitasking without any issues. Additionally, the Vivo X60 Pro also comes with extended RAM technology. With this, I was able to add an additional 3GB of virtual RAM to the phone. This is mainly used for caching purposes only.

Gaming: A great gaming experience on a large display

Besides that, I have even tested two high graphics games on the Vivo X60 Pro. Since I am not a heavy gamer, I was able to test the gaming experience by playing the Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9. After enabling the 120Hz screen refresh rate feature, I was able to tap the buttons instantly. Additionally, Vivo Funtouch OS 11 comes with Ultra Gaming mode. After enabling this feature, I was able to fully concentrate on the game itself.

One issue, I was able to notice was the heating issue. After playing a couple of rounds of games, the Vivo X60 Pro get heat rapidly.

Audio: Not the best audio quality, not that bad audio quality

The audio quality on the Vivo X60 Pro is not the best but it’s still good. The Vivo X60 Pro also has Hi-Res audio. Using the Hi-Res audio, you can experience surround sound while watching movies on Netflix. However, YouTube videos are not really the best sounding. To be honest, until today, I haven’t really seen the best audio sounding smartphone. Not even the iPhone.

The audio during gaming is really nice. With the Hi-Res audio, the sounds effects were clear. Even phone call audio quality was good too.

Battery: A let down from Vivo…

Well with the 4,200mAh battery, I was able to continue using the Vivo X60 Pro for almost all day. A couple of issues, I have noticed in the battery. If I continue to record videos for at least 10-15 minutes, I was able to notice there was a huge drop in the battery level from 100% – 75% at least. As mentioned during gameplay, as usual, I have had heating issues and the battery finishes faster than usual.

No matter what, with the 33W Vivo Flash Charge 2.0 charging adapter, I was able to charge the Vivo X60 Pro from 0% to 85% within 30 minutes of charging. Unless, if I use it as my daily driver for call answering and social network browsing then I would strongly say, the battery can last all day.


Finally, we have come to the pricing of the Vivo X60 Pro. Until today, you can purchase the Vivo X60 Pro from the Vivo official Lazada store for RM3,199. What do you think about this price? I know it’s still expensive, but with tons of great features, I would strongly suggest you consider the Vivo X60 Pro if you thinking of changing your current phone.

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The Vivo X60 Pro is packed with great features and specs. However, this is the last Vivo Pro smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon processor. Comparing with the flagship phone prices, Vivo X60 Pro does fit into the flagship price category.


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The Vivo X60 Pro is packed with great features and specs. However, this is the last Vivo Pro smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon processor. Comparing with the flagship phone prices, Vivo X60 Pro does fit into the flagship price category.Vivo X60 Pro Review: The last Snapdragon processor on a Pro phone.