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    Vivo’s Super FlashCharge able to charge phones in 13 minutes

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    Planning to change your next Vivo smartphone? Vivo announces its new ultra-fast charging feature which able to fully charge your Vivo smartphone in just 13 minutes. Isn’t it cool? Vivo is naming it Super FlashCharge 120W technology. Back in March, its competitor Xiaomi announces a 100W fast charging technology which can fully charge within 17 minutes. Now, its Vivo’s turn to show off its fast charging capability.

    Vivo’s product manager uploaded a video on Weibo which demonstrates the Super FlashCharge charging technology. From the video if you notice, the technology is able to charge the smartphone from 10 to 14 percent within 16 seconds.

    At this moment, the charging technology which Vivo and Xiaomi announces is not shipped on a commercial device yet. However, the fastest-charging smartphone which you can purchase currently is from Oppo. Oppo’s Find X Lamborghini Edition, comes with a Super VOOC charge that can fully charge its smartphone in 35 minutes. If Vivo ships its charging technology into a commercial smartphone we can expect Vivo’s smartphone sales would increase tremendously.

    In conclusion, our sources say Vivo most likely to demonstrate the Super FlashCharge 120W technology at next week’s MWC Shanghai. Do you think, you will buy Vivo’s next edition smartphone if Vivo ships the Super FlashCharge into it? Comment us your opinion below.

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