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    Vercel and Sitecore Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Brands to Create and Deliver Unparalleled Digital Experiences

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    SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vercel, the cloud platform for frontend developers, together with Sitecore, a global leader in end-to-end digital experience, announce their strategic partnership in response to the growing needs of brands for a more composable architecture.

    Digital consumers want more from their online experience. The past three years have reinforced just how critical technology is in helping businesses of all sizes not only stay nimble, but thrive. Marrying Vercel’s mission to power the frontend experience of businesses around the world, and Sitecore’s track record in unlocking a brand’s potential to connect with their consumers globally, will create new opportunities to scale on the Web.

    “At Vercel, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the Web. Along with providing tools for developers to create unique experiences, we are also building partnerships that transform the way brands interact with consumers online,” said Kevin Van Gundy, Chief Operating Officer at Vercel. “Our partnership with Sitecore will transform the web’s direct-to-consumer landscape by allowing our retailers to build faster and more dynamic experiences.”

    Vercel and Sitecore have a history of joint success, collaborating on multiple engagements globally for clients across industries including Focus Brands and Avid Technology, with Platinum Sitecore implementation partners like Merkle and XCentium. Together, the companies help clients build 100 percent composable digital experiences using Vercel’s Edge Middleware, Sitecore’s XM, and deep integrations built to allow for a headless solution by leveraging Vercel’s frontend as a Service (FaaS) experience expertise.

    “At Sitecore our mission is to elevate leading brands through unforgettable digital connections with their customers. As a global leader in digital experience software, our partnership with Vercel extends the Sitecore Composable DXP product portfolio. This provides our customers with an end-to-end solution for all their digital needs,” said Owen Taraniuk, Global SVP Partners at Sitecore.

    Learn more about Vercel and Sitecore’s partnership and upcoming initiatives here.

    About Vercel: Vercel is the platform for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration. By providing the toolkit frontend teams love, Vercel unlocks developer potential and enables you to go from idea to global application in seconds. Vercel enables customers like Under Armour, Nintendo, The Washington Post, and Zapier to build delightful user experiences on the Web. Experience more at

    About Sitecore: Sitecore is a global leader of end-to-end digital experience software. Unifying data, content, commerce, and experiences, our SaaS-enabled, composable platform empowers brands like L’Oréal, Microsoft, United Airlines, and PUMA to deliver unforgettable interactions across every touchpoint. Our solution provides the cutting-edge tools brands need to build stronger connections with customers, while creating content efficiencies to stand out as transformation and innovation leaders. Experience more at


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