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    TM offers 4K Unifi Plus Box free for Unifi customers

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    After Astro introduces its own 4K Ultra Box, TM has also officially unveiled its own TV Box. TM is naming it Unifi Plus Box. If you are an Unifi customer, you can start to enjoy watching 4K Ultra HD content for free. All you need to do is subscribe to any of the Unifi Home Fibre broadband plans.

    The Unifi Plus Box is built on top of the existing Android TV Box. Which means you can even stream contents from your favourite streaming service. According to TM, the Unifi Plus Box is already equipped with a few streaming apps such as Yupp TV, iFlix and YouTube. If you already have an account then probably you can enjoy watching your favourite movies or dramas from these streaming platforms.

    Besides that, the Unifi Plus Box also supports voice search feature. You can use the remote control to search your favourite contents using your voice. Based on your voice search the Google Assistant will help you to search your query. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can even stream your content to your larger TV screen. This can be done via the Google Chromecast feature.

    Some of you might be thinking about whether you need to subscribe to the pre-installed apps in order to stream the contents. Well, the answer is yes and no. According to the information from the TM FAQ page, only iFlix is free to use. However, if you subscribe to the Ultimate TV package, then you can access the BBC player app for free. Apps such as Viu and Yupp TV requires you to pay RM10 per months. At this moment, the Netflix app is not available yet. TM also confirms that FOX+ will soon be available on the Unifi Plus Box.

    What do you need to do to get the Unifi Plus Box for free?

    As we said in the beginning, you must subscribe to any of the Unifi Home Fibre broadband plans. Currently, TM offers its Android TV Box if you subscribe to its cheapest package which is the 30Mbps fibre broadband plan at RM149 per month. If you are considering for faster internet, then you can subscribe to the Unifi 100Mbps for RM189 per month. At the moment, TM offers its highest speed fibre broadband plan at 300Mbps at RM199 per month.

    If you are existing Unifi customers who already subscribe to the Unifi Home Fibre broadband plans, then you might need to subscribe to a plan which comes with the Ultimate TV Pack. On top of that, you need to sign a new contract for 24-months. According to its FAQ, customers with existing Unifi TV Pack (Varnam plus/ Aneka plus/ Ruby Plus/ Jumbo Lite/ Ultimate TV pack), needs to add additional RM10 to get the Unifi Plus Box for free. New Unifi customers need to subscribe to the Unifi 300Mbps plan in order to receive the Unifi Plus Box.

    Similar to other Android TV Box, the Unifi Plus Box is powered by a quad-core processor with a 2GB DDR4 RAM and an 8GB of eMMC storage. It supports both LAN and WiFi too.

    For more information, visit the Unifi Plus Box official page.

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