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    Now you can “try” 5G with this telco in Malaysia

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    Since day 1 many people are asking us a question, “when will Malaysia get 5G?”. Well, guys now you officially can try 5G network with this telco in Malaysia. Today, U Mobile has officially launched its Fast Forward 5G trial service in Malaysia. Interesting right!

    The U Mobile 5G trial service is currently available to be tested at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. If you notice many telcos are still upgrading their network for 5G service. But, U Mobile wants its users to have a taste of how speed is 5G network. This trial service starts from 7th September 2020 until the end of this year.

    So guys, if you are existing U Mobile customer leaving in KL area, then you can walk-in to the Berjaya Times Square anytime to try the 5G network. But, before that, do note that you must use a 5G compatible smartphone first before testing the 5G network. Well, most of the smartphones in Malaysia are still using up to 4G only. If you have this year’s most recent smartphones, then you might be using a 5G smartphone.

    At the moment, the U Mobile live 5G trial is available in three different locations inside the Berjaya Times Square. The 5G network is available to be tested in the Lower Ground Floor, Ground Floor and the 1st Floor of Berjaya Times Square. In the U Mobile Fast Forward FAQ page, U Mobile has also mentioned the list of mobiles which are being supported for U Mobile 5G. Currently, Vivo Nex 3 5G, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, Huawei P40 series 5G and Oppo Find X2 5G is supported for this live trial. U Mobile also says that more 5G smartphones will be supported soon.

    In conclusion, Malaysian could officially realize the 5G network in 2021. But, it looks like, there is a possibility that U Mobile could be launching its 5G network by end of 2020. The reason, in the FAQ page, it mentions that U Mobile is still on track to launch 5G by end of 2020. For more info visit the Fast Forward U Mobile page.

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