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    Trip planner, hotel and movie ticket booking comes to the Grab app

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    Grab was launched back on 2012 as MyTeksi in South East Asia. After six years, Grab is planning to include more of its services to the Grab app. Apart from the Grab Car e-hailing ride service, Grab has introduced GrabFood, which does food delivery to your doorsteps. A few weeks back, Grab extends its GrabFood service to more cities in Malaysia. Now, Grab is convincing all users to use Grab as the one-stop app for all services by introducing three new services.

    Trip Planner

    Beginning of May onwards, Grab users will be able to use the new “Trip Planner” from the Grab app itself. Users can plan their journey for public transport. This means, same as Google Maps, you can see the bus number and the arrival times. Not only that, but you can also plan based on your end-to-end directions.

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    It is almost same as planning your trip in the Google Maps, you just have to enter the start point of your location. Then the Trip Planner app will display the list of available options for public transportation. Additionally, it also shows the JustGrab details including the estimated arrival (ETA) details. Grab feels this feature will really allow its users to shorten their travelling time via the public transport.

    Hotel Booking

    Grab doesn’t stops there. Grab will be introducing its own Hotel Booking feature via the Grab app. Starting May, Grab users can book hotels from and At the moment, Grab says they will include in the coming future. This means, you can choose any type of hotels such as budget hotels or most luxurious hotel from the Grab app.

    Other than that, Grab does not neglect its loyal customers. if you are a Grab Platinum, Gold or Silver user, you will be eligible to redeem vouchers up to RM30 when you book hotels through Agoda. You have to spend a minimum amount of RM300 to redeem this voucher. For its platinum members, Grab gives access to’s Genius programme. This means you will be eligible for 10 discount on your bookings.

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    Moreover, Grab also introduces free travel personal accident and flight delay insurance for each of your hotel bookings via Grab app. Each of the transaction you do, Grab offers special ride offers and GrabRewards points. This feature will be introduced later this year. That’s not the end. Grab will introduce more features and benefits for its Hotel Booking service.

    Movie Tickets Booking

    The last feature Grab introduces is its “Ticket” service. This service is part of a collaboration with BookMyShow. This means, at the beginning of May, Grab users can purchase their favorite movie tickets via the Grab app. At this moment, only MBO Cinemas and TGV cinemas can be book through the app. We can expect other cinemas such as GSC might be included soon. Payments of the movie tickets should be done via GrabPay.

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    In conclusion, Grab is really planning to take over the entertainment industry and the food and beverage industry. It all started with just a GrabTaxi. Grab services have improved tremendously worldwide. You can visit this site too where it shares the 8 best hotel booking apps.

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