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    TNG pays you 10% when your friends pay you with TNG eWallet


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    Malaysians have just started to warm up before going cashless completely. Beginning of this month, Prasarana’s Rapid Penang has launched its Pas Mutiara card for all its busses and ferries services. Which means, people can stop bringing cash when they travel by bus or ferry. Touch ‘n Go is also ready to go cashless now by introducing its new campaign called “Pay You Pay Me”.

    This campaign starts from beginning of September until the end of September. By participating in this campaign, Touch ‘n Go will be paying you 10% bonus when your friends pay you via the TNG eWallet app. There aren’t any difficult steps to participate in this campaign. All you need to do to receive money is to use the “Transfer” feature to receive a 10% bonus from your friends and family.

    But before using the “Transfer” feature, you might need to verify your identity. First of all, you need to take a photo of your Identification Card (ID/Passport). Second, you have to take a photo of yourself and fill in all the required information. Once that’s done, you can start to transfer or receive money from your friends and family.

    At this moment, the campaign is only limited to the first 200,000 transfers only. As a sender, you need to transfer a minimum amount of RM1 to your friends TNG eWallet account for them to be eligible to receive the 10% bonus from Touch ‘n Go. Other than that, as a receiver, you can receive the 10% bonus only for the first 3 transfers from your friends and family.

    RM5 maximum bonus Touch ‘n Go pays

    According to the Touch ‘n Go FAQ page, you can only receive a maximum bonus of RM5 throughout this campaign. Which means when your friend sends you RM30 to your TNG eWallet you will receive 10% of the amount which is RM3. And then if you receive another RM20 from your other friend, you will receive your final bonus of RM2. This is because TNG is only giving a maximum bonus of RM5. Each of the bonus will be credited to your eWallet within 3 days only after the transaction.

    Do note that, this 10% bonus amount is not available for cash out. You can use it to pay for your tolls, QR code payment, bills payment and transferring to another TNG eWallet user.

    For more information, visit the TNG eWallet “Pay You Pay Me” promo page.

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