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    TM announces its first pre-5G network as an alternative to Unifi fibre optics solution


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    Streamyx users are you frustrated for not having the Unifi coverage in your residential area? Telekom Malaysia is already working on its new pre-5G technology which will help its users to have a Unifi-like solution. The only difference is this technology is through the LTE network. TM claims this is the nation’s first technology and now it is in commercial phase. In this beginning stage, the service is only available for users in Setiawalk Puchong.

    According to the current acting executive VP Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, almost 100 households have already had the pre-5G network. TM main aim is to mitigate the problem of no fibre coverage in certain areas. TM believes with this technology which uses Time Division Complex (TDD), it can offer speed up to 500Mbps. This means, if you are staying in a no fibre coverage area then you might get the speed up to 30Mbps and with fibre coverage your internet speed would reach up to 500Mbps.

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    Apart from that, the young VP also states that TM will be rolling out this technology to more users later this year. However, it all depends on the percentage of user demands in the particular area.

    In conclusion, TM urges the current Streamyx customers to get the free upgrade by end of March. Those who are eligible should grab the chance of upgrading from Streamyx to Unifi.

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