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    TM proposes Unifi AIR Wireless Plan

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    Last month, Minister of Communication, Gobind Singh has requested TM to propose its final solution to solve Streamyx customer issue. According to the forum from Lowyat.net, one of the proposed slide is circulating around the Internet now.

    From the slide, we are sure TM is working on a new wireless plan called Unifi AIR which provides unlimited quota. TM currently is already offering the Unifi Basic Plan which priced at RM79 per month. If you notice in the slide, TM will be providing unlimited quota for the same RM79 per month. Currently, Unifi subscribers have to pay RM79 for only 60GB quota.

    Image from Forum Lowyat.net

    Other changes from the current broadband plan are subscriber might not have to pay for the Huawei B618-65D LTE WiFi Router as TM is giving the device for free. There wouldn’t be any upfront payment too. However, the subscriber will be tied to a 24 months contract. There will be penalty charges applied if the user plans to terminate their contract. The penalty charges are based on the contract remaining balance.

    In conclusion, there is no any official confirmation from TM yet. We will update you all once there is an official confirmation from TM.

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