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TikTok Users Have The Chance To Earn Up To RM650 Through Referral Rewards Program

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The first thing that popped up on your screen right now the moment you open TikTok is the referral reward that you can win. So you must be wondering if it’s real? Can you really earn the money?

The answer is yes! 

TikTok finally decided to roll out a referral rewards program in Malaysia that enables users to earn money up to RM650. All you have to do is invite friends or other people to join the app. In other countries, this program has been available for quite some time but it just entered Malaysia this month. 

But don’t get excited just yet because at the moment, not all accounts have this program and the reward amount may vary from one user to another. For instance, it appears that some accounts can earn RM55 while others can earn up to RM65 when people used their referral code. 

For those who might think ‘this is quite easy’ well hold that thought. To earn these rewards, the new user who joined the TikTok app through a referral code must at least view 30 minutes of content per day for 10 days straight. So, if you get 10 people to join and fulfilled the mentioned requirements, you will be able to earn up to RM 550 or RM650, depending on your account. 

Once you have success, TikTok stated that the reward can be withdrawn to your PayPal or bank account. However, it only limits you to withdraw once a day. You can check out your TikTok account to see whether you are eligible to join the referral program. Other than that, you can also visit TikTok’s official website for further info on the rewards. 

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