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This is how pictures look on the OnePlus 7 Pro

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A few days back OnePlus tweets the launch of OnePlus 7 series smartphone on its official Twitter account. A day before OnePlus tweets, a video teaser was uploaded which gives a glimpse of the OnePlus 7. Two days ago, one of the tech journalists in the Wired UK got his hands on the new OnePlus 7 Pro sample unit for testing.

The folks at the Wired UK has taken few shots at the 2019 Azerbaijen Grand Prix using the OnePlus 7 Pro which has a triple camera setup. The photos have been shared on the official Wired UK page. According to them, this is the first time OnePlus added a 3X optical zoom telephoto lens. Below are few of the photos taken using the OnePlus 7 Pro.

According to the Wired UK, the OnePlus 7 Pro is not as fast as the Google Pixel 3 in terms of shutter speed. However, with the 0.3 seconds or lesser of shutter lag, it is still manageable. The new OnePlus 7 Pro also comes with an auto HDR where all the picture snapped will be added with contrast color layers to make the picture more crispy. You can turn it off this feature from the setting menu. Other downsides of this phone, is when you enable the burst mode, there is a delay with a 20-frame limit.

OnePlus did not plan to remove all the noise from the picture when you are capturing using the 3X telephoto lens. When you look closely on the picture below, you can see the noise in the 3X shots. This happens even in the daylight images. The main back camera comes with a 48MP sensor. This lens could possibly be from Sony. Although the picture is snap using the 48MP lens camera sensor, the output after pixel binning is a 12MP image. OnePlus says the downsampling helps the picture to reduce the noise. However, users can’t turn off this setting to allow to shoot the pictures in the full original resolution.

OnePlus also has its own Night mode where you can shot photos in low light. However, this feature still could not compete with the Huawei P30 Pro. Below is the picture snapped using the Night mode feature. Usually, it only takes 5 seconds to snap pictures in the Night mode, but the OnePlus 7 Pro needs a longer time than the normal shot.

Here are other pictures were taken using the OnePlus 7 Pro.

In another two weeks, OnePlus will launch its OnePlus 7 series smartphone in New York. According to them, the Pro model could be expensive due to additional features and a new display to give a smooth experience for the users. Stay tuned here we will cover updates once the phone is launch. For more information on the launch event, you can find here.

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