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    The most awaited Google Maps feature is coming to Android and iOS


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    Back in May this year, Google unveils a new feature for Google Maps app. It is called Live View. Each time Google rolls out a feature, it releases it as beta releases first before rolling out officially to its users. Each time Google updates the Google Maps app, as a result, it always gets better. Google wants its users to use the Google Maps app as a single app during their travel. Looks like finally, the most awaited feature is coming to Google Maps app for Android and iOS soon.

    According to Google, its main intention is to urge its users to use Google Maps to simplify every step of the users trip. This includes getting around a new city to reliving each and every moment upon returning home. The new Google Maps app will have your travel data which includes your flight and hotel information. There will be a new tab called Reservations. By clicking on it you can view all this information. This feature works even you are offline too.

    trip reservations

    The most awaited feature is the Live View for Google Maps will be rolled out as a beta release. This is a new augmented reality (AR) navigation feature, which Google unveils back during its 2019 Google I/O back in May. Many of us have been using Google’s Street View feature for the past years. Now, its time for us to use Live View to navigate around the streets in a new city. With the Live View feature, you can view all your surroundings. The arrows and directions are placed as you move your phone, you can view the floating arrows and directions realtime. According to Google, it will be rolling out this feature to devices which supports ARCore and ARKit.

    ARWN_Paris map.gif

    Find your prefered restaurant based on your taste

    The other new Google Maps feature which Google is rolling is finding restaurants during your vacation. We all know that the most important thing we do during our vacation is trying new foods and restaurants. Now, you can quickly find restaurants based on your taste using the Your Match feature. With this feature, you can even know how long you have to wait for your food.

    your match travel

    On top of that, Google is rolling its popular dish feature to the Google Maps app too. While waiting for the waiter or waitress to bring the menu card, you can immediately glance through the must-try items using Google Maps.


    Share your memories with your loved ones

    Now with the new Google Maps app, you can share your memorable travel moments with your loved ones. Before that, you might need to enable your Location History feature in order to allow Google to remember your locations. Do note that, this is related to user privacy which means if your phone is stolen, your location will be compromised.

    Despite that, if you are cool with it then you can share your travelling memories with your friends and family. Interestingly, Google has enhanced this feature where now it will remember each and every location including a restaurant, shops or attractions area you visited in a single tab. Google says, with this feature, when another person is travelling to the same city you have visited, you can easily export the places into a list and share with your friends.


    In conclusion, all these cool features will be available in both Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks. Live View will only be available in the countries where Street View is supported. Google has already rollout the new Timeline for Android devices. We are sure, Malaysia will be one of the countries to support the Live View. Stay tuned for more updates. For more information check out Google Maps blog post.

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