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    Teenager sues Apple for $1 Billion

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    After the completion of the recent Apple and Qualcomm lawsuit issue, a teenager in the US is suing Apple for $1 Billion (RM4,132,500,000 ). This is because the teenager was wrongly arrested for stealing Apple products at its Boston outlet. According to Ousmane Bah, 18, Apple’s facial recognition wrongly identifies him as the thief.

    According to him, this whole issue starts the moment his driver’s permit was stolen. After stealing Bah’s driver’s permit, the thief went to the Boston Apple Store and steal Apple products worth of $1200 (RM5000). Soon the thief was caught by the police, Apple’ security takes the photo of the suspect and Bah’s personal information which is from the stolen driver’s permit. After taking all this information, Apple concludes Bah is the person who robs the Boston Apple Store.

    The US law enforcement arrest Bah at his residence in New York. However, Bah proves himself that during the day the thief robs the Apple Store Bah was at his prom night in New York. At the same time, he also says he hadn’t been to Boston before. Later inspecting the security video footage, the detective finds out that Bah is not the suspect.

    In conclusion, this the whole reason Bah is suing Apple for such a huge amount. Apple has not made any official statement yet regarding this issue. However, Apple tells Engadget that none of the Apple Stores has the facial recognition software installed. Maybe after receiving the official statement from Apple, we might know how far the case can go.

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