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    Finally, Sunway made it! Sunway Pyramid Smart Parking system to go live on Q1 2020


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    Last week, Sunway Pyramid has sent out an invitation for the media preview of its new Smart Parking system. The Smart Parking system uses the License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to detect the entry and exit of the vehicle.

    With the new Smart Parking system, Sunway Pyramid believes the parking congestion could be reduced easily. This is because users would just have to drive in and drive out easily without taking any parking tickets.

    The latest update from Sunway Pyramid is, the Smart Parking system will be developed by JeiShun. It is a famous smart parking vendor which is based in China. The Smart Parking system also accepts cashless payments such as GrabPay, AliPay, Boost, WeChat Pay, and even Touch n’ Go eWallet too. In case you have your debit or credit card, you can use it to pay for your entry too.

    As we mentioned earlier, Sunway Smart Parking system with LPR technology is the first system being implemented in Sunway Pyramid. With this, in another a few more years, you can witness other malls also to have its own Smart Parking system. Currently, Sunway is testing its first of its kind parking system in other Sunway City such as Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Hotels and Menara Sunway. Do note that only season parking users are able to use this system at the moment. The Sunway Smart Parking system will be rolled out to the public in Q1 of 2020.

    How to use Sunway Smart Parking system?

    Furthermore, for the drivers, they can register their car plate registration directly using the Sunway Pyramid portal. You can also register your car plate number using the Sunway Pals app too. After registering once, next time you can easily drive into the car park without collecting the physical ticket. When you are leaving the boom gate will be automatically opened after recognising your car plate.

    Image from Lowyat.net

    You can also lock your vehicle directly from the app so that you can’t drive out of the car park. This is one of the security features which is implemented for the Sunway Smart Parking system. If you are thinking about the accuracy of the License Plate Recognition system, a representative from JeiShun confirms it has a 95% accuracy rate. This accuracy rate is specifically for the Malaysian car number plates. According to the JeiShun representative, they are aiming to increase the system accuracy up to 99.7% after deploying to the public in Q1 2020.

    Parking Management System

    In a nutshell, we will have to wait until the Sunway Pyramid rolls out the system officially next year. What do you think of this new Smart Parking system? Is it something really useful for us? Do let us know your thought on the comments section below.

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