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Have you ever wanted to shot DSLR quality pictures using your iPhone? If yes, then this post is for you. Good news! Now you can also be a photographer by using your iOS camera.

Today, the creators of Halide which was a popular third-party iOS camera app that offers range of features such as RAW shooting features has launched another photography app Spectre. It costs around $1.99 USD (RM8.11) which offers long exposures functionality. We usually hear this term in the world of DSLR only. What is long exposure? Basically, it involves using a long duration shutter speed to capture a moving objects. This feature has not been available in any of the smartphones. Using the built in camera of iPhone, you could not use this feature.

But with Spectre, this going to be a whole new game changer for Apple iPhone. It does not only allow long shutter speeds, it uses AI and computational photography to produce a long exposure picture. Imagine taking a picture of a streets, it can clear the streets of car in some of the scenarios. Below are few shots which was taken using the Spectre app.

Shot from the developers of Spectre

Below is the video from the creators of Spectre.

When it comes to long exposure, the shutter is opened for a certain amount of time to pull in more light. However, in Spectre it uses a different approach by taking hundreds of shots over a few seconds and it uses machine learning for scene recognition. Therefore, it uses AI stabilization for 9 seconds without the need of a tripod stand. In the usual cases, photographers has to use a tripod stand in order to get a long good exposure shots.

If you are a passionate iPhone photographer, then you should just grab this app for just $1.99 USD only.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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