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    Sony starts funding for wearable air-conditioner

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    If you notice recently, our earth climate is changing drastically. Nowadays, we can’t even walk on the road especially during the afternoon. In order to solve this issue, Sony Japan is launching a crowdfunding project called The Reon Pocket. It is the world’s first wearable air-conditioner.

    According to Sony Japan, the design of the Reon Pocket looks like your smartphone. The size is smaller and very much lighter than a smartphone. What it does is, it gives both cool and warm air through its panel. Most probably, you might have to wear an undershirt which has a slot for the device just below your neck. Our neck is the place where it cools off quickly.

    With the Reon Pocket, you can easily control the temperature using the app on your smartphone. Other than that, the Reon Pocket also can adjust the air-conditioner temperature automatically.

    In conclusion, the Reon Pocket will only be available in Japan as for now. Sony Japan has already collected more than 66,000,000 yen. That is more than 101% of the targeted amount. Once Sony launches this product officially, then we can expect a lot of people to get their hand-on the Reon Pocket. The South China Morning Post says Sony Japan might be selling this device for 14,080 yen (RM536). Check out the Reon Pocket page for more information.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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