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    Singapore Ryde carpooling service to start service on Nov 1

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    With the increase in population in every country, travelling in a car could be really a hassle. That’s the reason many of us are using e-hailing services such as Grab and MULA to reach our destination on time. However, now for the Grab service, you need to wait for a longer time due to the Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) license issue. In order to tackle this issue, Singapore’s Ryde service is coming to Malaysia starting 1st of November 2019.

    Ryde is Malaysia’s first carpooling service which is a not-for-profit carpooling company. According to its CEO Terence Zou, RydePool main aim is to encourage people to commute by carpooling. He added, it should be an eco-friendly activity rather than a profession.

    How RydePool works?

    Similar to other e-hailing services, RydePool also allows you to pay the driver. In addition to that, the fares will be recommended by the app itself. The app will calculate the total distance travelled, petrol and toll fare. So, if you are looking to carpool to your destination, you can enter the number of pax with you and then you have to wait for the driver to accept your request. Once you have carpool with the same driver, you can save the driver information in the app and next time, you can request the same driver if the driver travels to the same locations too.

    For the drivers, the payments will be received into your account after each ride. However, for Malaysia, Ryde is planning not to take any commission on the payments. Which means, all the earnings will be in the form of cash only. If you are planning to register as a RydePool driver, you don’t have to worry about the PSV license either because this service is not for profit. Do note that, the app allows you to pick up passengers twice a day only.

    According to the CEO, there are already a few hundred users who have downloaded the driver app in Malaysia. He has targetted there could be at least 5,000 drivers by end of this year. If you are interested to register as a driver, you need to submit your identification card, contact number, driving license, profile photo, car registration details including the photo to Ryde. The company will notify you once it verifies your information.

    Whereas for the passengers, you will have a separate app too similar to other e-hailing services. All you need to do is submit both your profile photo and your contact number in the app itself. At this moment, Ryde is planning to expand its service mainly to Johor, Penang and Melaka.

    In conclusion, the only issue we think like a passenger you might face is privacy. If multiple people are carpooling in a same vehicle, some of you might feel weird about it. Nevertheless, we believe you can make many new friends and grow your business network from the Ryde carpooling service. To register as a driver click here and to download the passenger app click here. For more information visit Ryde official website.

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