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    Shopee signs 5-year strategic partnership with Visa


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    As you all might already know that in the Southeast Asia, there is only two e-commerce platform which is being used widely by Asians. It is none other than Lazada and Shopee. Daily there are thousands of people are using the Shopee platform to purchase items. In order to become the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee has signed five year regional strategic partnership with Visa.

    Everyone in the world knows about Visa. That’s how much popular Visa is because it is the world’s leader in digital payments. Shopee believes that with this partnership deal, it will encourage greater participation in the Southeast Asia digital economy. Another e-commerce platform such as Lazada supports digital payment including via Visa. If you use Lazada widely, then you should know that Maybank Visa is giving a discount for Lazada users every Wednesday.

    More local banks to collaborate with Shopee in the near future

    That is the similar strategy Shopee is bringing to it e-commerce platform. One of the regional agreement between Shopee and Visa is, soon they will be launching co-brand credit card by collaborating with local banks such as Maybank or CIMB. Once Shopee collaborates with a local bank, surely you can expect more rewards and discounts for the Shopee users.

    According to Shopee COO, Terrence Pang, he says that Shopee is looking forward to work closely with Visa to leverage their extensive and secure network to make it easier for sellers to digitalise, particularly those in tier-two cities and rural areas. The Visa Head of Merchant Sales and Acquiring, Neil Mumm says that it is looking forward to work closely with Shopee to extend access to the digital economy for small businesses across Southeast Asia.

    In conclusion, sooner there will be more rewards and more collaboration between Shopee and local banks. Back in June 2020, Maybank has introduced its first-ever Shopee Credit Card. Soon more banks will be offering Shopee credit cards too. Honestly, most of us here are using Shopee more frequently as we thought.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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