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    Selangor gets green light to continue Ramadhan e-Bazaar


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    Every year, during this month there will be Ramadhan Bazaar all over Malaysia. However, due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Malaysia government has announced that the Ramadhan Bazaar shouldn’t be allowed. This including e-Bazaars too are not allowed during this period.

    But, now it seems like the state of Selangor has gotten the green light to continue the Ramadhan e-Bazaar. According to the state government, Selangor sellers can continue selling foods during this Ramadhan period through the two new platforms which the state government introduces. It is the Grab Selangor and Selangor Platform (Plats).

    Central kitchens will be used as collection centres only

    Previously, the state government proposed a plan where the sellers will use central kitchens, where the sellers can prepare their food. This proposal has been declined because it is impossible to let a whole group of sellers in one place. For that reason, the Selangor state government has proposed this new e-Bazaar platform, where the central kitchens will be used as the collection centres. This means there wouldn’t be any cooking activities in this areas.

    According to Selangor Menteri Besar, he says that the state government has already identified 10 local authority (PBT) halls and 67 restaurants. These 77 locations will be mainly used to provide foods during the Ramadhan period. Most recently, Penang state government confirms that it will be continuing with the Ramadhan Bazaar through its Jom Beli Platform (JBO). Now, Selangor also will be continuing the Ramadhan Bazaar too.

    Though, there is a catch where the sellers has to receive typhoid injection before participating in the Ramadhan Bazaar. According to the Ministry of Health, this injection is mandatory required for all the sellers. For the delivery partners wise, the state government will be collaborating with Grab, Bunkusit, Mr Spedy, Zepto Express and MatDespatch.

    In conclusion, only these two states will be able to continue with the Ramadhan Bazaar through the e-Bazaar platforms. The state government is encouraging sellers to participate in this e-Bazaar platform by providing easy financing without interest to eligible small traders with the financing of between RM3,000 and RM5,000 through Hijrah Selangor.

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