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    Second gen AirPods is now available for sale in Malaysia


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    In case you have been waiting for the second generation AirPods, it’s now available for sale in Apple Malaysia online store. With some minor improvements, Apple launches the AirPods last month. Exactly, after one month, Apple launches the second generation AirPods in Malaysia.

    The new AirPods, comes with all new H1 chip which improves the talking experience. If you are using the single AirPod, the new H1 chip able to route the audio to one side easily. Finally, Apple includes the “Hey Siri” feature to the new AirPods. Moreover, this is the first AirPods which supports wireless charging.

    The starting price of the second generation AirPods is from RM699 onwards. If you are interested in the wireless charging case AirPods, you have to pay it for RM879. Apple also sells the wireless charging case separately for RM439. According to the Apple Malaysia online store page, the shipping time for the new AirPods will be roughly 3-4 weeks. If you purchase the AirPods without wireless charging case or just the wireless charging case, you can receive it in 1-2 weeks.

    In conclusion, if this is your first time planning to purchase the second generation AirPods, then it is really worth buying it. Unless you already own the first generation AirPods, then maybe you may purchase the wireless charging case for your AirPods.

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