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    Samsung unveils the world’s first 200MP image sensor


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    Once again, Samsung is leading the image sensor technology for smartphones. Back in 2019, Samsung announces the world’s first 108MP image sensor. This year, Samsung is taking another huge leap by announcing the ISOCELL HP1. It is the world’s first 200MP image sensor.

    With the use of Samsung ISOCELL HP1 image sensor, photos taken in a smartphone will be super sharp. It packs with a ultra high resolution of 16,384 x 12,288 pixels. Imagine having such a huge sensor on your smartphone, you can view the in detail of the fur of your puppy. The image sharpness is not affected even though the image is cropped due to its ultra high resolution.

    Besides that, the image sensor also supports both low-light photography and 8K video recording. With the usage of this sensor, your smartphone should be able to shoot 8K video at 30fps. By using the all-new ChameleonCell technology, the image sensor transforms into a 12.5MP image sensor. This allows more light to be captured and produces a brighter and sharp photos even in low-light situation. On the contrary, the HP1 image sensor allows you to capture UHD photography in bright outdoor environments as well.

    Similar to the 2019, it is rumoured that Xiaomi will be the first smartphone maker to make use of the Samsung’s world’s first 200MP image sensor. According to a leakster, Xiaomi is prepping itself to get hands on the HP1 image sensor. As for now, it is still unsure on which Xiaomi model smartphone to have the 200MP camera yet. But, we are looking forward to know once there is an official announcement from Xiaomi itself.

    In conclusion, with the latest HP1 image sensor, photos taken on a smartphone is surely to come alive due to its sharpness. For more information regarding the HP1 image sensor, check out the announcement blog from Samsung.

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