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    Samsung embarrasses itself by deleting anti-Apple ads

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    Samsung just launches the most expected Galaxy Note 10 in two sizes to its consumers. Many of the users are happy with the launch of the Galaxy Note 10. However, some of the users are really disappointed with Samsung as they removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the Galaxy Note 10.

    Before the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, there is a rumoured saying that Samsung will be removing the audio jack from its upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Now, it has been true, anti-Apple fans have to face the reality, the audio jack is no more. Last year, Samsung posted a video on its YouTube channel which mocks Apple dongle. Now, Samsung itself has already removed the video from its official YouTube channel. Thanks to BGR, we got a copy of the video right here below.

    After Apple removes the audio jack from the iPhone, many of the users mock Apple for it. However, now looking at what Samsung did is totally embarrassing for itself. Not only Samsung copied Apple’s feature, but other tech companies have also done it which includes, Google, OnePlus and Huawei too. Apple removes the audio jack back in 2017 during the launch of the iPhone 7. Three years later Samsung has finally done it too.

    Not only that, but Samsung has also deleted one of the most viral Samsung ads. We are sure many of you might have watched this ad many times. Here is the video called “Growing Up”.

    Let’s stop criticising and back to the reason behind the changes. According to TheVerge, the main reason Samsung had to remove the audio jack is to increase the battery size by 100mAh. When Google removes the audio jack from the Pixel device, it says the reason is to create all-screen smartphones. That’s the same reason Apple removes the audio jack too.

    Does Samsung reason sound convincing to you? Share us your thought in the comment section below.

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