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    Realme to launch two new smartphones with quad-camera

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    A few weeks ago, Realme announces it will be unveiling at least three smartphones within its Deepavali festival season. Now, Realme is gearing up to announce two smartphones for its users on August 20.

    From the teaser image, we can expect Realme to launch double quad-camera smartphones. Surprisingly, Realme has already revealed the name via its teaser page on Flipkart. From both of its teaser pages in Flipkart, we got to know Realme will be announcing the Realme 5 series smartphones which are Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro. In the same teaser page, it says the Realme 5 Pro will be using the world’s first 48MP quad-camera. Whereas for the Realme 5, the camera details are not revealed yet.

    5,000mAh battery for the Realme 5

    First of all, Realme 5 will be powered by 5,000mAh huge battery. This is the highest battery capacity you can see in a smartphone. Even the latest Galaxy Note 10 also does not has 5,000mAh battery. Despite that, Samsung promises it could last all day long. We are guessing with the highest battery capacity, the Realme 5 could last more than a day.

    Other than that, GSM Arena has also said that the Realme 5 smartphone will be using Qualcomm new processor, Snapdragon 665. According to the Realme 5 teaser page in Flipkart, which says Qualcomm will be using the new best-in-segment for the first time ever in India.

    For the camera wise, Realme 5 will have a quad-camera setup which consists of the main lens, ultra-wide-angle shooter, a super macro lens and a portrait lens. With the super macro lens, you can take pictures super close. However, Realme did not reveal the camera pixels details yet. We have to wait until Realme unveils tomorrow.

    Realme 5 Pro will be equipped with the world’s first 48MP quad-camera

    When there is a Pro version, surely it is always better than the base model smartphones. The same goes to the Realme 5 Pro. From the teaser page, Realme 5 Pro will be using 48MP SONY IMX586 sensor for the main quad-camera. With the new ultra-wide-angle lens could be used to capture 119-degrees photos. Moreover, with the Realme 5 Pro also you can take picture super close at 4cm distance.

    Other than that, Realme 5 Pro also will be supporting Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge 3.0. With this newer version of fast charging technology, Realme promises you can charge your device at least 55% charge within 30 minutes.

    In conclusion, stay tuned to our page for more information. Realme will be revealing these smartphones to us tomorrow at 12.30 PM India time.

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