Qualeben Launches a New Ice Maker that Provides Nugget Ice Right at Home

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NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Qualeben, a new kitchenware brand that focuses on providing quality smart products, today debuted a brand new nugget ice maker, its first ice maker for the market, which is named Munch, highlighting the chewable nugget ice the machine produces. The ice maker also comes with multiple features and functions, making it user-friendly and competitive.

Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker
Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker

Nugget ice has always had a cult-like following due to its light, airy, crunchy, chewable characteristics. Unfortunately, this type of ice is hard to come across in bars, restaurants, and most definitely in the home. And there are very few ice makers in the market that offer nugget ice. Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker is engineered to allow people to enjoy the craveable nugget ice right at home.

Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker
Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker

The key features of Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker include:

  • Production of crunchy, chewable nugget ice, which will better complement drinks and satiate people’s craving for chewing ice;
  • Fast ice output in just 16 min, shorter than most competitors;
  • 26 lb daily production;
  • Large 4.8 lb ice storage;
  • A straightforward and intuitive control panel;
  • Both manual and automatic water refill available, enabling users to effortlessly add water when connected to tap water;
  • Self-cleaning function, flushing fresh water through the system for a thorough clean;
  • A compact and durable design, suitable to fit a kitchen countertop;
  • Quiet operation at only 50 dB, without making disturbing noises when working.

Some accessories, e.g. an extra drain plug, an ice scoop, and a 10ft hose, are included in the package so that users can start using the machine right out of the box. Moreover, Qualeben provides satisfaction-guaranteed customer service for peace of mind.

Qualeben Munch Nugget Ice Maker is now available on Amazon and priced at $499.99.

About Qualeben

Qualeben puts user experience first, strives to be a part of people’s moments of togetherness and happiness, and helps create easier, happier, and healthier lifestyles. Via technology, innovation, creativity, and user-centered values, Qualeben provides smart, affordable, and easy-to-use appliances, including air fryers, slow juicers, ice makers, blenders, and more, elevating different parts of people’s everyday life. In addition to the nugget ice maker, Qualeben has also released an air fryer, which allows people to enjoy crispy fried food without burden. Find out more on www.qualeben.com

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