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Protect your home with this Amazon’s flying drone

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Have you ever thought of drones flying inside your home? Now, there is a security drone which flies inside your house. Amazon-owned company Ring has announced its new indoor security camera which “flies”. It’s called the Always Home Cam.

With this device, you don’t have to worry about burglary anymore. The reasons are, the moment, it can fly through your home to find who is the person. According to Ring founder, Jamie Siminoff, he says that many of its customers always forget whether they have closed their house windows before leaving their house. He says that instead of simply encouraging their customers to buy more Ring cameras, Ring wanted to solve this problem with a single camera. Well, that’s the Always Home Cam.

How it works?

Surely many of you will have concern on safety and also privacy. First of all, the Always Home Cam does not automatically detect burglary. Only you can activate it to fly around your house. Assuming now, the burglar breaks into your house, surely the house alarm system will be triggered. Then, you should receive an emergency call from the alarm security company or maybe notification on your phone.

This is when as the house owner, you can activate the Always Home Cam to fly through your house. For safety-wise, Ring has developed the obstacle avoidance technology for this security drone. With this feature, it can fly through your house and it can automatically avoid obstacles such as pets or objects. Besides that, it also has shrouded propellers which allows it to fly safely inside the home.

Similar to the iRobot vacuum cleaner, you can use the Ring app to build a map of your home. So with this feature, you can even set the path of how the drone can fly through your house. As you may know the drone doesn’t require any kind of control for your side. However, if you wish to take over control of the drone, you can control it using your Ring app.

Pricing and Availability

Is this a worth to purchase a thing? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below. For the pricing wise, the Always Home Cam could be starting from USD 249.99 (RM1,039). As for now, Ring hasn’t launched it officially yet. According to the Ring official blog post, it says that interested people can sign up to be notified during the launch.

In conclusion, we think this is a worth security device for all house owners as long as you have your own home alarm security system. If you don’t have one, then its not worth getting this futuristic flying drone.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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