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    By the end of 2019 PLUS allows you to pay toll using credit and debit card


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    We all know Touch N’ Go has started to accept toll fares using your TNG eWallet app. Soon we can expect PLUS will be allowing users to pay tolls using the user’s credit and debit card. PLUS will accept the charges via the eWallet app too. PLUS will be rolling out this feature by the end of this year. PLUS will be using the same technology as Touch N’ Go uses which is the RFID payment system.

    This news is first reported by Berita Harian. Most of us know the main reason for jams at the tolls is because of certain users doesn’t have sufficient fund on their smartcard. Other than that, there are a few people where they tend to forget their lane at the toll plaza. In order to solve these issues, PLUS is increasing the number of payment methods for uses. With these changes, sooner you might not need to wait in a long queue at the toll plaza or worry about your insufficient funds in your TNG reload smartcard.

    According to PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail, by end of this year, users can start to link eWallet to the PLUS RFID. Apart from that, PLUS also will be allowing its users to pay their toll fares using their existing Touch N’ Go eWallet app.

    On top of that, PLUS also promises to upgrade a total of 1,400 CCTV cameras around the highways to Ultra HD resolution cameras. With this upgrade, PLUS believes it could provide a better analysis on the traffic conditions along the highway. Additionally, PLUS also will be installing the same UHD cameras at all 24 R&R locations in the North-South Highways.

    In conclusion, with the introduction of this new payment method. The number of accidents can be reduced too. Moreover, traffic congestion can be completely reduced as vehicles wouldn’t be stopping at the toll plaza. We will keep you update once PLUS rolls out officially during the end of this year.

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