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    Crazy fans release ransomware to increase PewDiePie subscribers count

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    In case you don’t know who is PewDiePie, he is the YouTube superstar who has more than 90 million subscribers on YouTube. His original name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg who is from Sweden. He started his career as YouTuber who posts about gaming. Now he is one of the top people on YouTube. Recently, another YouTube channel T-Series is competing with his subscriber count. Both these channels is close to reaching 100 million subscribers soon.

    Now, his fan or fans has released ransomware with a note “Subscribe to PewDiePie”. The ransomware name is PewCrypt which apparently blocks the users from accessing their data. According to the creator, those users will get back their account only if PewDiePie YouTube account gets 100 million subscribers. At this moment, we don’t know the total number of victims are affected by this ransomware.

    Emsisoft which is the cybersecurity firms releases its own decryption tool for the PewCrypt ransomware. They allow the victims to unlock their data using this tool. According to this cybersecurity firm, the ransomware uses Java programming language with AES and RSA encryption.

    Being the most popular YouTube star, he faces a lot of issues from his fans. Even the recent terror attack in New Zealand, the shooter kills 50 people in the mosque and said “Subscribe to PewDiePie”.

    In conclusion, this is not the first time he is facing such issues. However, as for now, you can watch the live YouTube subscribers count in the video below.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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