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    Oppo redesigns the smartphone screen, Waterfall screen


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    Recently, we have been hearing different smartphone makers are redesigning the smartphone screen. The most current smartphones are bezel-less and with small notches at the top of the screen. Samsung will be introducing the punch-hole display for the Galaxy Note 10 sooner next week. A few hours ago, Oppo has completely redesigned the smartphone screen. Oppo is introducing the “Waterfall Screen” technology.

    Oppo first posted a tweet on its official Twitter account regarding the waterfall screen technology. At this moment, Oppo did not reveal which model Oppo will be introducing this technology. Waterfall screen means, the screen almost completely covers the phone body. The screen is extended further around the edge of the screen at 88 degrees.

    This is the first look of the Waterfall Screen technology. We are sure you will be totally amazed at what Oppo has done.

    For now, there are few questions which not answerable yet. Since the screen covers the whole body, it is not clear whether the extended curved area will be touch-sensitive. If it is touch-sensitive, users might accidentally press on the keys when the phone is inside the pocket. Other than that, if you notice, there isn’t any space for Oppo to place the power button and volume buttons. Oppo has to find its way to place those buttons somewhere. One of the famous leakster, Ice Universe has posted a video of the Oppo Waterfall Screen technology in his Twitter account.

    In conclusion, one thing for sure is Oppo will be introducing the Waterfall Screen technology very soon. Usually, Oppo teases its next model smartphone through some of their prototypes. We can’t wait to get our hands-on Oppo Waterfall Screen technology soon. We will keep this article updated once Oppo reveals more information to us.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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