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    OnePlus is developing AirDrop-like file transfer protocol


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    Nowadays file transfers has been one of the most important feature in a smartphone. For smartphones like Android devices, it uses Bluetooth file transfer protocol to transfer files between Android devices. Whereas for Apple devices, Apple uses its own file transfer protocol called AirDrop to transfer files between iOS devices.

    Previously, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi forms an alliance to develop their own file transfer protocol. They wanted to develop their own file-transfer protocol similar to Apple so that they can avoid using Bluetooth to transfer files. Many of might not know about the Apple AirDrop, because it is not something to brag about. But, Apple is the first smartphone maker to develop its own file transfer protocol.

    Realme, Black Shark and Meizu also joins the alliance

    The most recent update we have now is, OnePlus has also joined this alliances to develop the AirDrop like universal file transfer protocol. At the same time, other smartphone makers such as Realme, Black Shark and Meizu have also joined this alliance. If you notice the smartphone makers, all are from China. With these smartphone brands, sooner you can expect to transfer files between other Android devices using the upcoming file transfer protocol.

    According to XDA Developers, after months of heavy development, a few Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo smartphones have already started to roll out this as a feature. It is reported that this universal file transfer protocol has a much better performance compared to Bluetooth file transfer protocol. Taking an example for Apple’s AirDrop, you just need to be surrounding with iOS devices, and then you should be able to view the list of iOS devices. And then you can simply tap on the device and then you can share your files.

    Transfer files without pairing to the target smartphones

    That’s the same way Android smartphones soon can use this universal file transfer protocol. You don’t have to pair your smartphone to your friend smartphone. You don’t have to enter the pin or passcode. File transfer is going to be simpler as you think. Besides that, you wouldn’t need to download any third-party application in order to use this feature.

    In conclusion, this AirDrop-like file transfer protocol might be rolled out as an software update. We will give it a try once smartphone makers rolled out this feature.

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    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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