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    OnePlus Concept One: The world’s first invincible camera

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    OnePlus CEO, Pete just unveils the world’s first invisible camera smartphone during at the CES 2020. The OnePlus Concept One is the magical smartphone which plays tricks with your eyes. Don’t believe it? Check out the video below the end of this article.

    Similar to its special edition smartphone OnePlus has collaborated with McLaren to develop this new concept smartphone. When we say concept it means it is not for sale at the moment. Honestly, the OnePlus Concept One has this stylish look with the leather-wrapped Papaya Orange at the back of the phone. This type of material is only used in the McLaren supercars.

    OnePlus listens to its consumers

    From this CES2020, we also got to know that OnePlus is the only smartphone maker who listens to its consumer’s problem. To be honest, I am really not a fan of the camera bump for smartphones. That’s when OnePlus got an idea to use the McLaren technology to magically hide the camera. Thanks to OnePlus who could make this a reality by using the electrochromic glass which shifts the colour of the glass to black.

    This is the exact technology where the McLaren 720S uses for its sunroof. All you need to pay $9,100 just for this feature to be included in the McLaren 720S. Using this technology, the glass roof panel can alter its tint and control the amount of light to enter through. Imagine having a similar technology for a smartphone.

    Besides magically hiding the rear cameras, OnePlus has also make use of the electrochromic glass to improve the photography feature. Now with the OnePlus Concept One, you can use it as an ND filter. Most of the time, when you are outside taking picture outisde, the lighting situations makes you difficult to take pictures. No worries, with this ND filter you can toggle it by tapping on the “ND8” using the camera Pro mode.

    In a nutshell, OnePlus has not mention any plans on whether this device is going into production since it is just a concept smartphone. Well the question now is whether other smartphone makers are going to use the similar electrochromic glass technology to hide the camera bump.

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