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    No more desserts names for Android.


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    Google initially releases Android back in 2008 without any naming for its operating system. In 2009, Android releases the first Android OS with the desserts name. It was called the Android Cupcake. That’s when the whole desserts naming starts for its operating system. Today it is the end of the Android era. The era we meant by not the end of Android OS. It is the end of Android desserts naming.

    Android Q will be Android 10

    Today Google is updating its font and text colour of the logo. This including the people’s favourite Android robot mascot too. The last Android P is called as Android Pie. Now, Google confirms in its blog saying that Google’s upcoming Android Q will be called Android 10. Personally, we feel this name is similar to Apple’s operating system iOS where Apple always gives a numbering for its OS. We will leave that to you.

    According to Google, it took various feedbacks over the years from different countries. From the user’s feedback around the world, Google got to know that the OS naming convention is not completely understood by all the users in the world. For example, in certain countries, it is hard to distinguish between Android L and Android R. Especially Asian countries always has a hard time to distinguish between L and R when they speak. This is one of the reasons Google decides to stop namings for the Android 10 onwards.

    Other than that, Google also says there are some Android users who are not familiar with the desserts naming conventions. For example, countries like marshmallows, we don’t really eat it as a dessert. When Google names it’s as a dessert, certain users get confused with it. In some other countries, those desserts are not popular although it is sweet and delicious.

    Android 10: A new colour and a new font

    The last time Google updates its logo and font was back in 2014. After 5 years, Google is updating its logo colour and its font. Below are the Android’s previous logo and the new logo side by side.

    If you look at the above logo, the differences are a lot different. First of all, the font is different now. Rather than using a robotic font, Google uses a font which gives a cleaner look to the logo. Other than that, Google also replaces the green colour to black. Google also has a valid reason for replacing the font colour. According to Google, the previous green font is slightly hard to read for Android users with visual impairments.

    Moreover, Google also updates the loveable Android mascot too. Comparing with the previous Android logo, Google has removed the body of the Android robot and uses just the head as its logo now. Besides that, Google also replaces the lightness of the green colour by using a darker green colour.

    In conclusion, this is the beginning of a new era for Google’s Android. Google will be using this updated logo in the coming weeks with the final release of Android 10.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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