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    NextSmartShip Releases Next-Gen AI-Powered Order Fulfillment SaaS for Global Shopify Brands


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    SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NextSmartShip, the leading GLOCAL order fulfillment partner for DTC (Direct-to-Consumers) brands, released its next-gen AI-powered order fulfillment SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform “Fulfillship”.

    The brand-new system features a perfect integration with Shopify and a more flexible, user-friendly and smarter order fulfillment experience. It can auto-sync orders at milliseconds level, keep track of inventory levels across multiple warehouses in real-time, and allow even a starter to easily manage Shopify store orders at zero cost with no minimum order requirement.

    “Lacking a powerful and simple order management system has been the Achilles’ heel for most Shopify stores. With a one-stop solution like Fulfillship, online merchants can now enjoy a hustle-free order fulfillment experience with much less investment of cash and time,” said William Yu, the CEO and founder of NextSmartShip.

    “We wouldn’t say it is a product solely developed by NextSmartship team, because as guided by our genes, we have involved many of our current clients throughout the development process and as a result Fulfillship was greatly improved with their valuable advice and ideas. This co-development process will become our norm and I believe it will bring Fulfillship to a new level very soon.”

    “LISTEN TO CLIENTS” has been one of the core philosophies at NextSmartShip. With this in mind, it launched a brand-new green packaging solution last month to help e-commerce merchants to shift towards a green journey, and held the very first free-entry virtual global summit on September 10th to share necessary knowledge and critical resources for sellers to survive and thrive in this post-pandemic era.

    As Fulfillship set sail today, Shopify brands are now able to save much of their cost in shipping, ERP software, and heavy manpower for handling data calculation and analysis. NextSmartship will continue to harness its core technologies to activate new functions and serve clients’ growing needs towards winning the market.

    What’s unique about Fulfillship


    • Easy to install, one-click in market places like Shopify;
    • Easy to learn in less than 5 minutes with FAQs, video tutorials and live-training;
    • Easy to use, multi-language and intuitive UI.


    • Smart shipping options recommendation;
    • Auto order-sync at milliseconds level and smart order information review;
    • Complete and accurate delivery status track of each package;
    • Fully streamlined process enabling much higher processing efficiency and accuracy.


    • More platforms and marketplaces to be supported;
    • Frequent integration of new features;
    • Continuous optimization.

    To view more details of the next-gen order fulfillment SaaS – Fulfillship, or try it out now for free, please visit: http://fulfillship.nextsmartship.com

    About NextSmartShip

    NextSmartShip is a tech-centered GLOCAL logistic powerhouse that strives to help DTC brands of different sizes to elevate their e-commerce business into the next big thing.

    With a short history from 2019, the company has been helping thousands of global DTC brands to gain exceptional growth via its professional, stable, and affordable fulfillment services. It now delivers over a million packages per year to international destinations.

    For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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