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    New file sharing service from Mozilla

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    In this 21st century, we are in a world of vulnerability. Hackers can gain your personal data with just a single click. Sending files to your friends might be intercepted by the hacker if your system is hacked.

    Today Mozilla is launching an encrypted file-transfer service “Firefox Send”. This is a web application which is available for the public to use it for free. Two years back this service was launched a pilot service for a certain group of users. You can share your files from your PC to your friends. The file-sharing quota which it allows is 2.5GB. The web application provides end-to-end protection to the user by providing a special link which automatically expires. The main intention is to keep the user’s data as private as possible. Watch the video below to have an overview about the Firefox Send service.

    During the pilot test period, Mozilla offered the web-based application only 1GB. In this new release, you can expect the 1GB is provided as free for the user. You have to register to the Firefox account for free. Upon registering yourself, you will be given a quota of 2.5GB of file sharing. Moreover, you can use this web app as an alternative for emails. The web app allows the user to upload the file and then set the expiration period. According to Mozilla, the design was inspired by the Snapchat application. You can set your own password for the uploaded files. Then Mozilla will offer you a link which you can send to the recipient and they can download it without the need of creating a Mozilla account.

    However, according to the security experts, you are advisable not to upload your personal information document into the file-sharing service. This is because there is a probability for things to go wrong.

    Mozilla is planning to launch the Send beta app next week. Firefox Send is officially available. You may try it out from here.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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