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    Motorola to unveil foldable Motorola RAZR on Nov 13

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    The king of the foldable phone is ready to make a comeback after launching Motorola RAZR back in 2004. This could be the next foldable smartphone after Samsung and Huawei. Motorola has sent out the media invitation which it planned to launch the all-new Motorola RAZR at Los Angeles on the 13th of November.

    Tech reviewers such MKBHD has received the official invitation from Motorola. From the animated invitation, it says “An original unlike any other” while displaying a hinge at the top. Besides that, Motorola has mentioned “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon” and “you are going to flip”. From the media invitation itself has proven it is going to be the Motorola RAZR.

    Back in 2004, when Motorola introduces Motorola RAZR, it was one of the best flip phones in the world. According to Tech Radar, almost 50 million units have been sold from 2004 until 2006. It was the biggest selling flip phone back then. Now you know why we called the Motorola RAZR the king of the flip phone.

    A smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Thinking of the design, back in 2017, Motorola has filed a patent of a smartphone which almost looks like the upcoming Motorola RAZR. Since the foldable smartphone is the current trend, we are expecting Motorola RAZR also to have a dual display in the outside and inside.

    When you flip the phone, you could have a full display on the inside. And once you flip it to close the phone, you could have another display which could show the notifications mainly. This could be almost similar to the concept of Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, this could be a smaller version of the Galaxy Fold. Before this, we have received the first look of the Motorola RAZR which was leaked online. We are assuming, that’s how the design of the RAZR is.

    We will be updating you all from time to time regarding the Motorola RAZR. Keep on following our future updates on our Facebook page “TechmonQuay”.

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