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    Microsoft updates Excel for iPhone to let you use its AI

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    Two months ago, Microsoft introduces its AI feature to the Android smartphone. A few days ago, Microsoft has updated its Excel app for iPhone where it allows you to import spreadsheets and tables into the app using the camera.

    This feature allows Excel users to take a photo of a table and then import it into the Microsoft Excel. You can edit the imported data table from your Microsoft Excel on your PC or Mac.

    If you notice the gif image above, you can have the rough idea of how you can use this new feature. The Excel app for iPhone uses optical character recognition (OCR) including machine learning models. Both these techniques are used to convert the table data from a paper into a spreadsheet table. The AI is able to detect financial spreadsheets, work schedules, task lists, and time tables easily.

    In conclusion, this feature could help many businesses such as supply chain management people to populate all their financial data from a stack of paper into their Microsoft Excel in their computer. Microsoft rolls out this feature in the Excel for iPhone to 21 different countries. You can visit either the App Store or the Play Store to download this app for free.

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