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    Microsoft rolls out its new Terminal app for Windows 10


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    A month ago, Microsoft launches the new Terminal app for Windows 10 during the 2019 Build conference. Remember the old command prompt tool were during those young days we used to type in some code and act like we know hacking. Microsoft aims Terminal to be the central location where you can access the old command prompt tool, PowerShell and the new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Now, Microsoft rolls out the Terminal app as an early preview to the public.

    Bear in mind this is early preview release of the Terminal app. Some of the features have not been implemented yet. Features such as the customization are not available as part of the GUI yet. The Terminal app supports multiple tabs which are same as the Terminal application in the Ubuntu.

    Image from The Verge

    Additionally, Windows Terminal app supports themes where you can change the background image of the Terminal app. In order to do customization for the developers, they have to use the JSON configuration file to edit the Terminal app. Do not worry, as Microsoft provides the instructions on how to use the JSON file to config the settings.

    Image from The Verge
    Image from The Verge

    If you notice in the image below, there are some icons for Pass, Partial, and Fail. None of the Terminal app in Ubuntu or Fedora supports this feature. Microsoft’s new Terminal app supports full GPU-based text rendering and emojis too. During the Build conference, Microsoft teases the emoji support through a video. This means the new Terminal app will show characters, glyphs, and symbols too.

    Image from The Verge

    In conclusion, Windows Terminal Program Manager says, the Terminal 1.0 app will arrive in the Microsoft Store this year December. Apart from that, Microsoft is also working too hard to bring the Linux kernel to Windows 10. Click this link to download the Windows Terminal app from the Windows Store.

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