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    Microsoft launches its unified Office app for iOS & Android

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    We can strongly say Microsoft is the king of productivity software. Without Microsoft, there wouldn’t be a Word, PowerPoint or Excel. These are the main software we have been using for our daily lives. What if Microsoft could combine all these three software into one app, wouldn’t that be great? Microsoft has just launched a new unified Office app for both iOS and Android today.

    This single app comes with the combination of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. One of the good reason having such an app is it reduces the file size of the each app on your device. For instance. when we checked the size of the Word app, it is around 273MB. And if you multiplied it by three, that more than 600MB. The good thing about the all-new Office app is you get to use three apps in a single app for just 360MB.

    Back in 2019, the US tech giant starts to test the new Office app as in beta. And today it is officially available for all iOS and Android users. Personally, the feature which we like the most is the new Action tab. Now, if I need to sign a document I can just scan the document and sign directly from the Office app itself. Previously, I had to download a separate app just to sign the pdf document. Microsoft has done a great job with its Action tab. This is just one feature of the Actions. There are more where we will soon review the app on our YouTube channel.

    Besides that, with the Office app, you can also increase your productivity level. This is because now, all you have to do launch the Office app and start scanning the PDF document or signing the scanned pdf document. All in a single app. Apart from this, Microsoft also confirms that it is adding other third-party cloud storage supports such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

    The other best feature of the Office app is for the PowerPoint. Now, you can simply type in the outline of your presentation in bullet points and that will be converted into a beautiful presentation slides with the style and formatting. Below is the GIF which you can take a look at how it works. We will try this too during our review video.

    Overall, the Office app is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices today. The individual apps are still available for download too if you prefer it. But this could really start a trend where soon we can even expect Apple or Google to launch their own unified productivity app similar to the Office app too. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for the review of this app.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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