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    Malaysia is the first South-East Asia country to get this feature from Netflix

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    Apart from streaming services such as Astro Go or iFlix, Netflix is the most used digital streaming platform. Especially in countries such as Malaysia, Netflix is being used by many people. One of the reason is because the pricing plans are cheaper compared to other streaming platforms.

    Recently, Netflix has launch its new feature for the Malaysians. It is a new Netflix mobile plan for Malaysia. After this, you just have to pay RM17 per month to enjoy watching Netflix wherever you are from your smartphone. According to Netflix, all its members who subscribe for this mobile plan will be able to watch Netflix contents in standard definition (SD) without any ads interruption. However, you can only watch using one smartphone at a time.

    If you wish to watch it on your other devices, then you can choose the other plans which Netflix offers which will only cost you RM51 only. With this plan, you can watch your favourite Netflix content in any four smartphones or tablets. With the new mobile plan, you can access to entire Netflix catalogue, without any ads and you can cancel it anytime if you want.

    Netflix mobile plan testing has begun on 2018

    Before launching the official mobile plan, Netflix has begun testing this in other Asia countries too such as India. In South-East Asia, Malaysia is the first country Netflix reveals its RM17 mobile plan subscription. We believe Netflix chooses Malaysia as the first country to launch this plan is because of the population. According to Netflix, 88% of Malaysian already owns a smartphone. A report from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) noted that 78% of Malaysian internet users are spending most of the time on streaming and downloading entertainment.

    Statement from Ajay Arora, Director of Product Innovation, Netflix:

    Our members in Malaysia love to watch shows on their smartphones and tablets. With the first-ever Mobile plan in Southeast Asia, all of Netflix’s shows and movies will be even more accessible for Malaysians to stream and download

    In a nutshell, with this, we believe sooner most of the Malaysians could be subscribing to this mobile plan with just RM17 per month only. There are already many Malaysians popular content too such as Polis Evo, Jagat and many more. Just visit Netflix website and select the Mobile plan options.

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