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    LG unveils the luxurious mid-range LG Velvet smartphone


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    The rumours of LG unveiling a smartphone has been going around lately. It has been two years since LG unveils a new smartphone. Many people were saying that LG is not keeping up to the trend because the smartphone which LG launches didn’t go on well. But, now LG is stepping up the paddle once again to compete with other smartphone makers. LG finally unveils the luxurious midrange smartphone called the LG Velvet.

    The name itself sounds luxurious, so do the phone design. Upfront the LG Velvet features a 6.8″ OLED display with a tiny notch at the top center which houses the front selfie camera. The LG Velvet also comes with IP68 rating where it is dustproof and waterproof. You can bring the LG Velvet even for swimming and it still works fine.

    Another thing to note about the design is it has a military standard approved by the US Department of Defence. This means the smartphone is durable where you can drop at any heights and still it works. Not to forget about the fingerprint scanner. When we take a look at the design of the LG Velvet, we could find the fingerprint scanner neither at the rear nor at the sides. This makes us conclude that the LG Velvet has an in-display fingerprint scanner.

    At the camera section, the luxurious midrange smartphone, LG Velvet features an array of triple camera setup. LG is calling it the raindrop cameras. If you watched the LG Velvet invitational video, that’s how LG promoted the LG Velvet. And also if you take a look at the camera design it indeed looks as if it is a rain droplet. From small droplets to big droplets. It is easy to identify which one is the main camera.

    First of all, similar to other major midrange smartphones, the LG Velvet also comes with the 48MP main camera. Then the smaller droplet is the 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera. Whereas the smallest droplet is the 5MP depth sensor camera. Over at the front, the LG Velvet features 16MP front-facing selfie camera. Surprisingly, there is an additional feature called Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Using this feature, you can record some sounds such as paper crippling sound and munching sound. We haven’t seen other smartphones comes with the ASMR feature which seems quite interesting though.

    Under the hood, the LG Velvet has the latest chip from Qualcomm which is the Snapdragon 765 with 5G support. It comes with an 8GB of RAM and a 128GB of internal storage. You can expand the storage up to 2TB with the microSD card. Besides that, after such a long time, we are seeing the stylus back on the mid-range smartphone. For the battery wise, the LG Velvet has a decent amount of 4,300mAh battery. According to the LG website, the battery can last up to 16 hours of continuous calls and 440 hours of standby time. For a mid-range smartphone, it also supports wireless charging too.

    For the pricing wise, the LG Velvet is priced at ₩899,800 (RM3,196). Currently this luxurious mid-range phone is only available in South Korea. However, LG could be working on to release the LG Velvet globally too. We might need to wait for further updates from LG itself.

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    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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