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    IshanTech Launches WatchfulEyes: Your Ultimate Solution for Insider Information Security

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    IshanTech, a leading provider of enterprise ICT security solutions and professional services, is excited to introduce its latest offering, WatchfulEyes. This innovative brand is dedicated to safeguarding businesses from insider-related information security risks, providing tailored managed services to meet the evolving needs of clients in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

    WatchfulEyes was founded with a singular focus on protecting corporate information and client personal data. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to optimize business processes, prevent fraud and data manipulation, and mitigate various risks. Additionally, WatchfulEyes helps businesses achieve legal compliance for information protection without the need for costly software purchases or hiring additional information security personnel.

    Ruben Theva, co-founder of WatchfulEyes, explains, “We recognized the growing need among our clients to manage information security effectively. Often, businesses realize the importance of secure data handling only after an incident occurs. Allocating resources for software procurement, specialist recruitment, and training can be daunting, especially when time is of the essence. Our service addresses these challenges by providing access to cutting-edge technology and expert professionals within hours.”

    Our managed services are adaptable to various business requirements, offering options such as one-time audits or continuous day-by-day monitoring. Even companies with an existing Information Security (IS) department can benefit from WatchfulEyes if they are overwhelmed or lack specific resources.

    Buddhika Niroshan, CTO and Cybersecurity Consultant emphasizes, “Our services leverage advanced technologies to address a wide spectrum of security issues, including data loss prevention, data discovery, access rights audits, user activity monitoring, forensics, and compliance audits such as PDPA and GDPR. We handle everything from software installation to configuration and data analysis, empowering companies to proactively prevent security incidents, identify vulnerabilities, and streamline their operations.”

    To showcase the effectiveness of our services, we offer a complimentary one-month trial. WatchfulEyes is currently conducting initial tests, allowing clients to assess how our solutions can enhance data security within their organization.

    Choose WatchfulEyes and take control of your information security today.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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