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    Is Apple launching the iPhone 12 on October 12?

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    Apple supposedly to launch the next iPhone series on September this year. Apparently earlier this year Apple planned to launch the iPhone 12 on September 12. However, due to the global pandemic which shook the whole world, Apple had to delay the launch of the iPhone 12.

    Now, there is a rumour saying that Apple could be introducing the delayed iPhone 12 on October 12 next month. According to the most prominent Apple leaker, Jon Prosser tweeted that Apple could be unveiling the iPhone 12 on the second week of October. Apart from that, he also tweeted a few dates too where Apple could be launching other products too. There are chances that Apple might be also launching the rumoured cheaper version Apple Watch this week.

    Back in July when Apple released its quarterly revenue result, its CFO, Luca Maestri quoted that this year’s iPhone will be launched a few week later. He also stressed that the delay is indeed for the product launch. Which means, for sure he meant the iPhone. The reason is, every September Apple does not miss launching the new iPhone. However, this year due to the COVID-19, Apple had to delay its product launch.

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    At the same time, Reuters also reported that Broadcom also confirms that its chip shipments are being delayed for this year. The Broadcom CEO, Hock Tan warns the investors that the revenues would be lower than expected due to a “phone launch” by a large North American customer. From his statement, it is clear that he is talking about the iPhone 12.

    In a nutshell, all the facts points that the iPhone 12 will be launching on October. But, if you view Jon Prosser tweet above, he also mentioned that the Pro model might not reach the shore until November. For now, we will have to wait for further confirmation from Apple on its upcoming Apple Watch and iPad launch this week. Stay tuned for that guys.

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