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    This leak reveals the back of the iPhone XI

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    After tech giants such as Samsung and Huawei, Apple seems to be ready to go on with the triple camera for its upcoming iPhone XI (which reads out as iPhone 11). In the recent month, there was a leak which was circulating around the internet claim to be the new iPhone 11 with triple camera layout. But now, we have the the prototype frame itself claims to be the iPhone 11.

    If you are planning to get the next generation of iPhone, maybe you should take a look at the design below first. It seems the placement of the camera on the back of the iPhone is very messy. However, we think Apple is planning for the asymmetrical layout. Apple always have its reason for doing certain things. Let’s wait for Apple reply on September this year.

    Image from OnLeaks

    As for now, everything is just a rumor. Nothing is proven yet. Based on the image provided by onleaks, we can see the prototype frame of the iPhone 11. The frame itself shows that it is a triple camera layout with a square shape bump. Most probably, this time the main lens could be the one in the center. Whereas, the top camera could be the telephoto lens and this time we might see Apple having the wide-angle lens too.

    There are more rumors which are circulating around such as the wireless charging capability which is similar to the Huawei ones. Moreover, we also might see the next iPhone having the USB Type C connector with 18W fast charging feature.

    In conclusion, personally we think this camera design is very messy. Lets wait till the story unfolds. Lets us know in the comments below whether do you like the new back camera design. Share it with your friends if you think Apple will be releasing this as the new iPhone 11.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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