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    iPad and MacBook: Made in Indonesia


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    According to a detikINET, Apple could possibly move the production of iPad and MacBook from China to Indonesia soon. During an interview the CEO of PT Sat Nusapersada, Abidin Hasibuan says his company will be collaborating with Pegatron. It is a Taiwanese company which manufacturers Apple products such as the MacBook and iPad.

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    At this moment, he cites they will start to manufacture a laptop and a tablet. Since it is still confidential, he did not mention the brand of it. However, he confirms the manufacturing will begin somewhere around June. The interesting part is he reveals it is an American brand where they will be supplying the laptop and tablet to the United States. By doing the math, we can confirm the American brand is Apple.

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    The main reason, Apple is moving its manufacturing plant to Indonesia due to the China trade war with the United States. Since the United States government bans Chinese tech company Huawei, there is a possibility for China to take revenge on Apple by banning Apple products in China. At the same time, the labor cost over at Indonesia is way cheaper than in China. This could be one of the reason too.

    In conclusion, nothing can be confirmed until we receive an official press statement from Apple. Can we expect Apple to manufacture its product in Malaysia too?

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