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    iOS 13 beta fixes FaceTime eye contact problem


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    Back in May, Apple launches iOS 13 beta to the developers. This new iOS 13 brings Dark Mode and other features too. Today, Apple is rolling out the third developer beta version to the Apple developers. This rounds, Apple brings FaceTime eye correction feature which Apple calls it as “FaceTime Attention Correction”.

    Twitter user Mike Rundle is the first person who spotted this feature. What this feature does is, it makes your eyes like staring directly at your front-facing camera during FaceTime video calls. At this moment, this feature is only available for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max only. Other iPhones might have to wait longer to have this feature.

    How does FaceTime Attention Correction work?

    Whenever you FaceTime with your friends and family members, we are sure most of you always look at the screen rather than the camera. This gives an impression to the other caller is looking down rather than having eye to eye contact.

    Image from TheVerge

    Apple achieves this feature by using its ARKit software. The software recognises a person’s face and then adjusts the position of the person’s eyes to make it look like the person is looking at the front camera. You can take a look at the demo below.

    In conclusion, this feature is still in the developer beta only. We are still not sure this feature will be rolling out to the public beta. Apple might remove this feature during the final release of the iOS 13. We will keep you updated during the final release of the iOS 13 which could probably happen on September.

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